Bring Your Home's Plumbing Into the 21st Century

Bring Your Home's Plumbing Into the 21st Century

Turn to us for water line replacement services in Douglas & Juneau, AK

Do you want to revamp your master bathroom with reliable plumbing fixtures? Do you want to upgrade the plumbing for your entire house? Taku Plumbing and Heating LLC can handle a wide range of plumbing remodels in Douglas & Juneau, AK and surrounding areas.

We can install, repair and descale water lines and waste lines. Our company has the equipment to also perform camera inspections to locate clogs. Rely on us to take your plumbing to the next level.

Call us now to arrange for water line replacement or waste line installation services.

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Looking for a great contractor?

Here at Taku Plumbing and Heating, we've developed strong relationships with many reputable contractors in the Douglas, AK area. If you're searching for a dependable contractor, please consider any of the following companies:

Building contractors

  • Cherokee Valley Construction
  • Kristan Stephens Construction
  • Miramontes Construction
  • PEAK Construction
  • LFM Services

Heating contractors

  • Elements Plumbing
  • Jack's Plumbing and Heating
  • Behrends Mechanical (commercial)

Heat Pump (air to air)

  • Kusi.aat' Kaa' Refrigeration


  • Frickin Repairs

Tile work

  • Ocean Floors


  • North Douglas Drywall
  • Thunder Mountain Drywall


  • Gardner Electric

Sewer and Water main

  • Richie and Gould Construction
  • Jerry M Godkin INC.
  • JUG's
  • Admiralty Construction
  • Coogan Construction

We hope you find the perfect partner for your remodeling project - and of course, we'll be glad to help with any of your waste line installation or water line replacement needs.